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In 2017, 4 people in the high school Eugène Henaff were selected to do many immersion weekends at sciences po.

February 23rd, 2018 (The day of my birthday). I went to Reims, especially to the famous university called Sciences Po. This travel was very rewarding and educational because I learnt to do things that I didn’t know before.


Every morning, we did Master classes with special teachers. The themes that we examined were very interesting. There were : Sociology, Politics or even History. In fact, sometimes, I was lost when I had to take notes because the teacher spoke quickly. I couldn’t follow all the lesson but I memorized a big part of it.

From the beginning to the end of the journey, each group had to prepare a debate about a theme. There were the themes of : vegetarian food, cyborgs or work.

Personally, I had the theme of work. I had to play the role of a factory owner, the boss who was just interested in money and nothing else.


March 2nd, 2018. The day of the debate had come. I remember that I was very stressed because the room was big. There were 100 people who were looking at me : the other groups, the Science po’s director, every teacher and two American persons who had come only to watch us. Far off I heard :


GO !

It was our turn to go and I told myself “Now, I’m here, I can’t do double back. If I’m here it’s that I’m able to do this, so let’s go !

Sonia’s group during the debate - pic 1
Sonia’s group during the debate - pic 2

During the debate, I felt at ease because I was giving the best of myself. At the end, I was very proud of my group and I could read satisfaction on the face of the jury.


1 hour later :
"Congratulation to each group because you did a very good job. We know that it was very hard to speak English during a long time but you did it. Even if you were excellent, the jury made a choice. The group who wins today is the group working in the theme of WOOOOORRK !! "

We were very excited. Big joy filled our heart.


March 6th, 2018. Today, I know that I will never forget this journey, especially this debate. I am very proud of myself because I overcame my fears.

Sonia Tohotou, élève de 1re L

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