Les élèves de 1 STI 2D ont étudié la ségrégation en anglais

This year the students of 1 STI2D studied SEGREGATION during the English lessons , segregation appeared in the USA in the 19th and 20th centuries. We studied the life of ROSA PARKS, JACK JOHNSON , MARTIN LUTHER KING who had important roles at that time. An article was written by a student of 1 STI2D, Jean-Marc Béranger about segregation .

S. Janah :
"Hello we are with a special guest today, Jason Ferg, a specialist in the segregation in the USA. You are on "Cool TV" for an interview with your favorite TV reporter, J.Janah Jameson and a journalist.

Journalist :
OK ...So I introduce myself, my name is Kaaris Cha and I am one of the journalists. Hum... Let’s start, ... in your opinion, who was the most powerful leader, Malcom X or Martin Luther King ?

Jason F :
Wow ! I think Martin Luther King was better but the two of them were very good. I think so because Martin Luther King’s actions were peaceful contrary to Malcom X who was more in violent action in the beginning. Martin Luther King did many things, sit-ins, boycotts... The boycott which was organized by Martin Luther King after the incident in 1955 with Rosa Parks, it was great (smashing !) because they refused to use buses so they went to work on foot or carpooled (they shared a car with another person).

Taaris C. :
Your opinion is nice, but personally Jack Johnson was the best because the idea that he was the first black champion in boxing, he was a very good fighter and he fought against segregation with his style, he liked to show his money and he loved dating with a lot of white women. It was illegal in reference to the law of segregation. In fact, he was born in Texas in 1878.

Jason F. :
Yes I am OK with you but when you think about Rosa Parks, her fight was more humble and important. It was like in coffee shops, cinemas, libraries where there was segregation for blacks and whites. Rosa Parks created a real movement in Montgomery with her fight in 1955. A white man told her to move and she refused so the police came to arrest her, but she was in the right place. Her action led to sit-ins in libraries by the students, on roads and many movements against segregation.

Kaaris C. :
I want to know... where did she come from ? When was she born ? From where came her will to fight ?

Jason F :
So she came from London, her parents were a teacher and a carpenter. She was born in 1913. She went to school and had a diploma from high school because of what her mother said. So I think her hard life built her mentality.

J. Janah :
You are wrong, she didn’t come from London, she was from Alabama and she moved to Montgomery. After all she married R. Parks and had two children with him."

Jean-Marc Béranger, 1STI2D